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Of Irish origin, the O'Hara clan is tightly knit. In a mirror effect, we will recognize ourselves in this family which, at first glance, looks a little like mine, a little like yours, with one difference. The O'Hara's have money ... a lot of money.
But while money makes life easier, too much money makes it harder. And everything is actually more complicated in the O'Hara family. Mixing business and family life, brothers and sisters have to work together to carve out a place for themselves in the empire. And while the knives may sometimes fly very low, the blood ties remain stronger, and they all inevitably meet on Sunday evenings around the table of Samuel, the clan leader. Revisiting the traditional family saga, the O' series will be anything but conventional. With a sustained rhythm and a hue all its own, O' will push the limits of classic soap opera, creating a new niche for itself in the television landscape.



Between the great joys that make one dizzy and the misfortunes that will push some people to their last strongholds, the O'Hara clan has not finished having to let go, whether in the face of life's setbacks, other people's life choices, or simply in the face of life that sometimes goes too fast. Will Jacqueline, savagely assaulted by Raphaël Francoeur, have any after-effects? For his part, Charles, having had to give up on Marie-Ève's possible pregnancy, will try to convince her to use a surrogate mother. Moreover, Agua's new president will begin his reign by calling upon a specialist in corporate restructuring to propel the company to new heights. How will Samuel react to this decision? Will he be able to detach himself from the company's past? He will also have to deal with Eric's inexperience and self-confidence, which will not always go well with the management of O' Microbrewery.  Philippe himself will experience some headaches with his children: while Anne will claim the right to a sex life, Eric will be more than ever torn between Noémie and Mathieu.  Philippe will also make very risky investments in his name and in the name of Agua. Will he be able to stop in time before he gets into trouble? On the other hand, the day before it opened, a fire destroyed the multimedia center in Gloria. Will insurers agree to compensate her? This event will cause Gloria to question her entrepreneurial ambitions. At the same time, will she question her unsatisfactory relationship with Thomas?  As for Louisa, she may well have found her soulmate in the person of ex-police officer Marc Lemieux, but she will find herself in a dilemma when she learns the heavy secret he is hiding from her.  Finally, will Solange finally give up her resistance to the life together with Derek that she hesitates to dive into?

Program info

  • Format
    24 episodes
  • Genre
  • Year
  • Broadcaster
  • Director
    Frédérik D'Amours
  • Writers
    Marie-Frédérique Laberge-Milot, Nathalie Bourdelais, Annie Langlois, Rachel Cardillo, Martine d'Anjou et Yves Lapierre (script-éditeur)
  • Producer
    Sophie Deschênes


Guy Nadon, Marie Tifo, Stéphane Demers, Maxim Roy, Louis-David Morasse, Marilyse Bourke, Geneviève Boivin-Roussy, Lynda Johnson, Isabel Richer, Noémie Godin-Vigneault, Guillaume Gauthier, Laurence Deschênes, Micheline Lanctôt, et Annette Garant

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