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Of Irish origin, the O'Hara clan is tightly knit. In a mirror effect, we will recognize ourselves in this family which, at first glance, looks a little like mine, a little like yours, with one difference. The O'Hara's have money ... a lot of money.
But while money makes life easier, too much money makes it harder. And everything is actually more complicated in the O'Hara family. Mixing business and family life, brothers and sisters have to work together to carve out a place for themselves in the empire. And while the knives may sometimes fly very low, the blood ties remain stronger, and they all inevitably meet on Sunday evenings around the table of Samuel, the clan leader. Revisiting the traditional family saga, the O' series will be anything but conventional. With a sustained rhythm and a hue all its own, O' will push the limits of classic soap opera, creating a new niche for itself in the television landscape.



We will follow the O'Hara in their family and professional dramas.  Samuel, who wants to have his daughter Abbie adopted by one of his children, will first have to find the little girl, kidnapped by his aunt Valerie.  Charles, once again in couple with Josée, wants to rebuild his place at Agua.  That will complicate the race to the dolphin of Samuel, already engaged between Kathleen and Philippe.  The latter will live a love adventure with Geneviève, at the risk of breaking up his family.  And Kathleen, involved in a story of industrial espionage with Nanook-H20, hesitates between Antoine, her lawyer who has a crush on her, and François whom she still loves.  Louisa gives birth to her late husband's son while she falls in love with Jean-Seb again.  Gloria accompanies Andreï in his therapy to heal from a post-traumatic shock, leaving her own health behind.  And Jacqueline always arbitrates family conflicts, and seeks to make her bookstore a success.

Program info

  • Format
    24 episodes / 1 hour
  • Genre
  • Year
  • Broadcaster
  • Director
    Éric Tessier
  • Writers
    Anita Rowan, Martine d’Anjou, Sylvie Bouchard, Isabelle Doré, Rachel Cardillo, Fanny Britt, Marie-Frédérique Laberge-Milot, Nathalie Bourdelais et Yves Lapierre (script-éditeur)
  • Producer
    Sophie Deschênes


Guy Nadon, Marie Tifo, Stéphane Demers, Maxim Roy, Louis-David Morasse, Marilyse Bourke, Geneviève Boivin-Roussy, Lynda Johnson, Noémie Godin-Vigneault, Laurence Deschênes, Wilson Henley, Marc Daigle, Micheline Lanctôt, Fanny Mallette, Annette Garant, Benoît Drouin Germain, Marie-Pier Labrecque, Hugo Giroux, Paul Savoie, Brigitte Poupart, Catherine Renaud, Sébastien Roberts, Charles-Alexandre Dubé et Nathalie Coupal

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