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Crime stories takes us into the murky land of the suburbs where one dirty trick always deserves another. It depicts the lives of smalltime criminals well on their way down the slippery slope. We gradually enter the inevitable game of cat and mouse between cops and criminals. A game that no one ever emerges from unscathed.


St-Canut, Laurentians. At dawn, in a muddy field on the edge of a dairy farm, a car is canted sideways with the doors open... A beast is sniffing sofas provided for a cocktail dinner... Further on, two bodies lie on the frozen ground... A suburbanite and a farmer have been murdered. 
Constance Forêt, 37 years old, chief investigator of the Mascouche regional office, is sent to the scene. But this double murder is only the beginning of a murder saga. Constance is divorced from an ex-police officer who has become a dirty cop - who continues to worry her with his shenanigans - and with whom she has had three children. Too busy with work, Constance is lucky enough to live with her sister and confidante Zoé, who takes care of her children and the family motel that their father, an alcoholic and difficult to manage, has neglected for years. 
Constance must work with the Major Crimes investigators dispatched from Montreal, Antoine and his superior Fred Bérubé, in charge of leading this complex investigation. She can also count on her loyal and willing partner Jonas as well as the services of a few pregnant police officers confined to less dangerous administrative duties. 
This detective series transports us to the misty land of the Northern Crown where one misguided move attracts another. The series features petty criminals who have gotten into the act. This is the case of Mike Pratt, owner of a door and window business - his accountant Marlène Charbonneau and her brother Éric "la bottine" Charbonneau - the gallery lawyer Anne Dupuis and her lover Sylvain Lauzon, as well as the psychopath Joël Savard. Gradually, we enter a cat and mouse game between the police and criminals. A game in which no one will come out unscathed.


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  • Format
    10 episodes
  • Genre
  • Year
  • Broadcaster
    ICI Radio-Canada Télé
  • Director
    Stéphane Lapointe
  • Writer
    Joanne Arseneau
  • Producer
    Sophie Deschênes


Isabelle Blais, Fabien Cloutier, Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, Guy Nadon, Fred Eric Salvail, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Maxime Mailloux, Mylène Mackay, David Boutin, Patrick Hivon, Marie-Ève Beaulieu, Patrick Hivon, Francis LaHaye, Louis Champagne, Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Jean-Antoine Charest, Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez, Mara Joly, Daphnée Côté-Hallé, Guy Vaillancourt et plusieurs autres. 

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