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Crime stories takes us into the murky land of the suburbs where one dirty trick always deserves another. It depicts the lives of smalltime criminals well on their way down the slippery slope. We gradually enter the inevitable game of cat and mouse between cops and criminals. A game that no one ever emerges from unscathed.


A mariachi is performing in a Latino bar when, in the middle of the chorus, a bullet pierces his forehead. Shortly before this event, police officers seize a “container” transporting kilos of cocaine at the Old Port of Montreal. The raid is like a bomb going off for Lanaudière’s organized crime. The members of the Mexican cartel established in Mascouche and their biker allies are asking themselves one question: who is the mole behind this operation? What is the link between the murder of the mariachi and this drug seizure?

Quickly, the situation completely deteriorates in Mascouche. Albert Scott-Ducharme, an intellectual radio host and columnist, becomes embroiled in this story in spite of himself. How and, above all, why?

The Mascouche squad will have to demystify this enormous mess that involves, once again, divergent universes: a Mexican cartel, a tinted glass company, a small animal crematorium, a newly retired ex-humanitarian worker, and the radio chronicles of a right-wing intellectual. All this will take on proportions that no one could have imagined…

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  • Format
    6 episodes
  • Genre
  • Year
  • Broadcaster
    ICI Radio-Canada Télé et ICI Extra
  • Director
    Stéphane Lapointe
  • Writer
    Joanne Arseneau
  • Producer
    Sophie Deschênes


Simon Lacroix, Éric Bruneau, Dominique Leduc, Myriam Fournier, Joanie Martel, Arturo Oliva, Mélanie Pilon, Reda Guerinik, José Zapata, Martin Oliva, Paul Houde, Hugo Dubé, Louis- Philippe Dandenault, Domenic DiRosa, Marie Brassard, Juan Grey et Hugo Giroux se joignent à Isabelle Blais, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Patrick Hivon, Fred-Eric Salvail, Maxime Mailloux, Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez, Guy Nadon et plusieurs autres.

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